The City Feed Café: Building upon great ingredients.

In the City Feed and Supply Café we strive for excellence, and we are always looking for ways to improve our products. We pride ourselves in the craft of creating drinks; making our own chocolate syrup, brewing tea concentrates from scratch and mixing custom spice blends for our drink specials. At the same time we are constantly looking to the local community for great ingredients and partnerships. Much of what makes our café drinks so special results from the great local coffee and tea suppliers that we work with. Currently we offer an array of coffee and tea from Equal Exchange (based in West Bridgewater, MA), and tea from both MEM Tea Imports (based in Somerville, MA) and Harney and Sons (based in Millerton, NY).

We serve seven different coffee blends year round: French Roast, French Roast Decaf, Mind Body and Soul, Espresso, Espresso Decaf, a Coffee of the Month, and Las Colinas. Las Colinas differs from the rest in that it is not a blend but a single origin roast, meaning that all the beans come from a single farm. Equal Exchange’s coffee-of-the-month program, 61 Beans, delivers a range of coffee & espresso beans from many parts of the world. January’s coffee of the month is the Winter Seasonal, featuring a multi-dimensional flavor profile with hints of cocoa, sherry pie, sweet pipe tobacco and dark chocolate. All of the coffees that we brew are available from bulk bins in the store, and our coffee grinder has settings for any home-brewing method.

We offer a wide selection of bagged (Harney and Sons) and loose-leaf (MEM) teas. Our selection is a varied tour of tea styles, from classic European black teas like English Breakfast to Japanese & Chinese greens, to herbal teas like African rooibos and Egyptian chamomile. We brew five MEM tea concentrates which we use in tea lattes: Rooibos, Blue Flower Earl Gray, Chai, Wild Harvest Yerba Mate, and Pu-Erh. The Wild Harvest Yerba Mate and Pu-Erh concentrates are exciting new additions to the café.

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Yerba Mate is a traditional South American tea made from the dried leaves of the Yerba Mate plant featuring an earthy, smoky profile. Yerba Mate does not contain caffeine, rather mateine, a mild stimulant related to caffeine. The Wild Harvest Yerba Mate that we now carry differs from the Yerba Mate we carried previously in its more traditional flavor.

Pu-Erh is a tea that is traditionally pan-fried, rolled, sun dried, and allowed to ferment in warm, humid conditions for up to fifty years. This earthy, sweet tea is today matured using a quicker modern fermentation process which incorporates an ancient Pu-Erh bacteria culture. Pu-Erh Tea is purported to have extraordinary health benefits! Some say that it lowers cholesterol and reduces body weight. We cannot guarantee either of these things, what we can guarantee is that it tastes great, with a flavor profile hinting at mushroom and cocoa. Our “Pu-Bear” latte combines the tea with honey, cinnamon and steamed milk in an earthy, rich concoction.

The Blue Flower Earl Gray tea is a blend of black tea and blue Cornflower petals flavored with bergamot oil. MEM’s version is deeply aromatic, a sign of the quality of the product.

Our café serves a wide range of customers; the morning commuters waking up to a large coffee, the espresso devotees who have a favorite latte or cappuccino, and lots of young ones enjoying our hot chocolate and apple cider! No matter your style, we hope to have something for everyone in the café and our baristas are happy to help you discover something new and delicious, made with care and attention.

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