City Feed and Supply: 2011 in Review- SUSTAINABILITY

Since our start in 2000, we have consistently taken the initiative to be sustainable in all aspects of our business, and take every opportunity to decrease our environmental footprint.

Sustainable strategies can be found in every facet of our store, and below you’ll find a snap shot of what we do to minimize our impact on the environment.

  • When we built our Centre St. store we used green and reused materials
  • We recycle all card board boxes, paper, plastic containers, tin cans, and glass bottles
  • City Feed composts all food scraps, vegetable matter, coffee grounds, and produce waste
  • Our cold cups, hot coffee cups, soup containers, utensils and straws are made of corn-based materials that are 100% compostable
  • All menus and flyers are printed locally on 100% recycled paper
  • We have clearly marked compost, recycle, and trash receptacles that educate our customers and make it convenient to dispose of their waste properly
  • In 2012 we will be participating in the Next Step Living program to help create incentives for our customers to green their homes
  • With an emphasis on fresh, local, and sustainable food; we carry over 600 local and regional products and source directly from over 50 local and regional farms in peak season

We actively support the work of local suppliers and farmers, purchasing our produce and grocery products from local sources whenever possible. By providing healthy local options in Jamaica Plain, we reduce the need for residents to leave JP, helping them to Buy Local!

Through our relationship with Save That Stuff, a locally-owned waste management company and fellow member of the Sustainable Business Network that helps New England businesses and institutions safely and efficiently get rid of waste, we are able to compost and recycle 70% of our waste each day.  In 2012 we will strive to make that percentage even higher!

Our annual Save That Stuff Report shows the impact we, (our business and our customers), have had on the environment this year.

Together we have recycled 23.5 tons of cardboard, 9 tons of co-mingled items and 54.9 tons of compost. When you do that math, we’ve recycled 87.7 tons of waste in 2011!

Our efforts have saved 401 adult trees, 500 cubic yards of Landfill space, and 175,767 kilowatts of electricity (or 104 barrels of oil). In total we have reduced our carbon footprint by 39.9 metric tons, the equivalent to taking 32 cars off the road!

While sustainability has always been a priority for us, we also know it’s a priority for our community. It is our hope that in 2012 we can continue to reduce our ecological footprint, responsibly dispose of our waste, and partner with our community to create a healthier place to live.

We would love to hear your feedback! If there are ways that you think we could be doing a better job in our sustainable practices please leave us a reply or send us your thoughts at!

 Here’s to Less Waste in 2012!

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