Customer Spotlight: Mikey Likes It!

Mike and his fiancé Colleen with one of their top picks, White Birch Hooksett Ale!

Stroll over to the beer & wine and you’re likely to find a man looking up our brews on his smartphone. That could be Mike, a local home-brewer, beer connoisseur, and much-appreciated City Feed & Supply customer. We love to see Mike poring over labels, asking questions and trying new things. Our beer & wine section is not large, rather a carefully curated selection of bottles, a mix of local, sustainable, organic, and specialty beverages. We’ve put a lot of research into our choices and like to think that any bottle you take home is going to be a great pick.

“It’s not a huge selection but there’s always a really good variety, always something I want to buy. City Feed has great hard-to-find local beers.”

Mike is a regular at our Tuesday tastings. Every Tuesday our beer & wine staff offer a free sampling of their top picks from our selection, or invite a brewer or winery to come in and sample their wares. This is a great way to discover something new, learn about beer & wine, and ask lots of questions. Jake & Jeff, our beer & wine team love folks like Mike who come looking to learn.

“The City Feed staff are approachable, knowledgeable, engaging and appreciate customer curiosity. That customer appreciation makes it worth coming in. Jake & Jeff show that they care about the beer and the customers.”

Mike’s Top Picks– Here’s are some of Mike’s faves from our Tuesday Tastings:

Stop in for our Tuesday Tastings every week from 5:30-&:30 pm and look for Mike!

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