Customer Spotlight: Mikey Likes It!


Mike and his fiancé Colleen with one of their top picks, White Birch Hooksett Ale!

Stroll over to the beer & wine and you’re likely to find a man looking up our brews on his smartphone. That could be Mike, a local home-brewer, beer connoisseur, and much-appreciated City Feed & Supply customer. Continue reading

The City Feed Café: Building upon great ingredients.

In the City Feed and Supply Café we strive for excellence, and we are always looking for ways to improve our products. We pride ourselves in the craft of creating drinks; making our own chocolate syrup, brewing tea concentrates from scratch and mixing custom spice blends for our drink specials. Continue reading

Pulling Together: City Feed Baristas at the MANE Coffee Conference


"No matter how much one already knows, one can always learn more"

Walk into City Feed & Supply on a busy weekend day and the sounds of the cafe are sure to greet you. The espresso grinder churns away at the beans, steam hisses, fresh urns of coffee thump onto the counter, pitchers and whisks clink together and over all of this the baristas call out their creations: “Iced vanilla latte with soy, a macchiato with skim foam and a medium cappuccino for here!” Continue reading

Keep JP Loopy

Someone recently asked me what the “Keep JP Loopy” thing is all about.  It is an idea I had along the lines of “Keep Austin Weird” as a way to think about and celebrate what makes communities unique.  Why “loopy”?  It is a reference to the JP Loop Bus, the #48 route that does a circuit of JP.  If folks take issue that Loopy can mean crazy, I say, sure, crazy like a fox, crazy like the king’s jester.