2011 in Review: City Feed and Supply IN THE COMMUNITY!

City Feed and Supply proud sponsor of Spontaneous Celebrations Wake Up The Earth Festival. Sam Ranger led the Rabbit on wheels contest in 2011!

Since opening the first City Feed and Supply on Boylston St. in 2000, City Feed has made it a point to support many of the local organizations that make our neighborhood a better place.

Focusing on Jamaica Plain based organizations and events first and foremost; we look for organizations or events that line up with our mission to be of service to the Jamaica Plain community and to provide local and healthy food options.  We offer support through direct sponsorship, gift cards, catering donations and in-store fundraiser events.

City Feed practices service through commerce: we feel being an active part of the community and being a good neighbor is an essential part of doing business.  The community has supported us over the last 11 years, enabling us to grow our business to in-turn, better serve the community.  We are able to give more as we grow, giving about 0.6% of our gross revenue back to the community. That is about 20% of our net profit in a good year!

Here are a few of the things we did in 2011!

In 2011 Our catering department donated organic fair trade coffee, cheese, sandwiches, and breakfast platters to over 50 events, totaling over $4000. Finding supplies to feed volunteers and supporters can be challenging.  We are grateful that our locally made scones, organic fair trade bananas, New England cheeses, and high quality sandwiches have helped make events possible.

We donated over 125 gift cards in 2011, totaling over $3000.  Donating gift cards gives organizations the flexibility to use them as they see fit. For some events gift cards are used as a raffle prize to encourage participation, for others gift cards are used to purchase food and refreshments. However they’re used, we’re happy to lend City Feed bucks to a worthy cause, while also encouraging awareness of the importance of shopping locally.

City Feed also donates day old bread and pastries on a weekly basis to local organizations as well as giving local food banks our surplus bread and produce.

Over the years City Feed and Supply has been able to build enduring relationships with a handful of local organizations that we feel truly make Jamaica Plain a special place to live and work.

In 2011 City Feed and Supply donated over $15,000 in direct sponsorships to local non-profit organizations.

In total City Feed and Supply has given over $25,0000 back to the Jamaica Plain Community in 2011. In 2012, with the community’s continued support of City Feed and Supply, seeing the true value of shopping locally, we are hoping to be able to give back even more.

Here are a few organizations we feel truly make a difference:

Spontaneous Celebrations For over 30 years, Spontaneous Celebrations has been committed to creating and sustaining a vibrant community cultural life here in Jamaica Plain, emphasizing the arts’ ability to unite and empower people for positive change.

City Feed has been a sponsor of their Wake up the Earth Festival ever since 2000, sold Lanterns for the Jamaica Plain Lantern Parade every October, and donates many carafes of coffee to help keep it spontaneous! What Spontaneous Celebrations has done for the neighborhood over the years is immeasurable, and we are proud to be a little part of that.

Bikes Not Bombs– For over 25 years, BNB has been promoting bicycle technology to create peace and environmental sustainability, both in the lower income neighborhoods of Boston and internationally. They receive thousands of used bicycles and tons of parts each year, many of which are sent (along with technicians and tools) to countries in need, for economic development projects. Here in Boston, BNB involves young people in the Earn-A-Bike programs, Vocational Training programs, and girls-only programs. They also operate a full service bike shop, staffed by local teen graduates of their training program. City Feed sponsors their annual Bike-A-Thon!

Regan Youth League– The purpose of the Regan Youth League is to provide the children of Jamaica Plain with the opportunity to play organized baseball in an open, safe, and friendly environment. The League aspires to foster the discipline and fun of learning a challenging team sport, to encourage a spirit of community among participants from diverse backgrounds who practice and play together, and to promote good sportsmanship and respect for teammates, opponents, coaches, umpires and the great game of baseball. City Feed has sponsored a Regan Youth League Team since 2000.

Other great organizations we are proud to work with: Aids Action, Boston Natural Areas Network, City Year, Egleston Square Main Streets, ESAC, Farm Aid, The Food Project, Friends of Connolly Branch, Friends of Kelly Rink, Haymarket People’s Fund, Hyde Square Task Force, J.P. Music Festival, J.P. Neighborhood Development Corporation, J.P Open Studios/J.P. Arts Council, J.P. Youth Soccer, The Neighborhood School, The Trustees of Reservations …. And many more! 

If you know of an event or initiative that aligns with our mission, please feel free to reach out to community.cityfeed@gmail.com. We look forward to all we’ll be able to do together in 2012.

For some pictures of City Feed and Supply in the Community Click HERE

Here’s to giving back even more in 2012!
Love, City Feed and Supply

Continuing our 2011 Review: Fair Trade at City Feed & Supply
In our next post we’ll catch up on the current state of Fair Trade certification and talk about our own fair trade partnership and how your City Feed purchases affect small-scale organic farmers in developing countries. 

City Feed and Supply: 2011 in Review- SUSTAINABILITY


Since our start in 2000, we have consistently taken the initiative to be sustainable in all aspects of our business, and take every opportunity to decrease our environmental footprint.

Sustainable strategies can be found in every facet of our store, and below you’ll find a snap shot of what we do to minimize our impact on the environment.

  • When we built our Centre St. store we used green and reused materials
  • We recycle all card board boxes, paper, plastic containers, tin cans, and glass bottles
  • City Feed composts all food scraps, vegetable matter, coffee grounds, and produce waste
  • Our cold cups, hot coffee cups, soup containers, utensils and straws are made of corn-based materials that are 100% compostable
  • All menus and flyers are printed locally on 100% recycled paper
  • We have clearly marked compost, recycle, and trash receptacles that educate our customers and make it convenient to dispose of their waste properly
  • In 2012 we will be participating in the Next Step Living program to help create incentives for our customers to green their homes
  • With an emphasis on fresh, local, and sustainable food; we carry over 600 local and regional products and source directly from over 50 local and regional farms in peak season

We actively support the work of local suppliers and farmers, purchasing our produce and grocery products from local sources whenever possible. By providing healthy local options in Jamaica Plain, we reduce the need for residents to leave JP, helping them to Buy Local!

Through our relationship with Save That Stuff, a locally-owned waste management company and fellow member of the Sustainable Business Network that helps New England businesses and institutions safely and efficiently get rid of waste, we are able to compost and recycle 70% of our waste each day.  In 2012 we will strive to make that percentage even higher!

Our annual Save That Stuff Report shows the impact we, (our business and our customers), have had on the environment this year.

Together we have recycled 23.5 tons of cardboard, 9 tons of co-mingled items and 54.9 tons of compost. When you do that math, we’ve recycled 87.7 tons of waste in 2011!

Our efforts have saved 401 adult trees, 500 cubic yards of Landfill space, and 175,767 kilowatts of electricity (or 104 barrels of oil). In total we have reduced our carbon footprint by 39.9 metric tons, the equivalent to taking 32 cars off the road!

While sustainability has always been a priority for us, we also know it’s a priority for our community. It is our hope that in 2012 we can continue to reduce our ecological footprint, responsibly dispose of our waste, and partner with our community to create a healthier place to live.

We would love to hear your feedback! If there are ways that you think we could be doing a better job in our sustainable practices please leave us a reply or send us your thoughts at community.cityfeed@gmail.com!

 Here’s to Less Waste in 2012!

City Feed Goes to Chase Hill Farm

One of the pleasures of doing business on the scale that we do is taking advantage of the opportunities we have to get out into the countryside of New England, visit small farms and food producers, and meet the folks who are working hard to make the food happen.

All photos by City Feed's own Kristine Cortese

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Haley House, Food With Purpose

 Video by: Shuyi Wang

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